Internet of Things and its Applications Practical Question

Practice question

  1. Write a program to interface of Fans/Lights with Arduino board to on/off with the delay of 1 sec.
  2. Write a program for Interfacing Temperature Sensor (LM35) and relay such that relay is switched on when temperature increases more than 30 degree C.
  3. Write a program to On/Off three led bulb in such way 1- On, 2 & 3-OFF, 2-ON, 1 & 3-OFF with use of resistor(220ohm).
  4. Write a program for interfacing temperature sensor and set condition when temperature above 110 degree celsius three led On, 70-110 degree celsius two led On and last 40-70 one led on.
  5. Write a program to measure distance with ultrasonic sensor and if distance is <10cm both led blink fast (<20cm- led blink slowly, <30 cm one led on.)
  6. Write a program to display Hello World on LCD (16*2 LCD).
  7. Write a program to measure air quality and led start blink if air quality is above 45.
  8. Write a program to show which key is press on Keypad.
  9. WAP for arduino board to meansure temperature and display it on lcd.
  10. WAP to display scrolling text "NIELIT HQ" on LCD from left to right and then right to left.
  11. WAP for a junction of crossing traffic light sysytem having two sets of LED (Green, Red and Yellow) total 6 LED and six resisters attach it
  12. WAP to display Air quality (Gas Sensor) on LCD.
  13. WAP to On/Off relay by using bluetooth module On/Off.
  14. WAP to interface LED and Buzzer with Arduino board keeping the condition that whenever LED glows, there is a Buzzer ringing and when LED is off then Buzzer is also put on off.