Web Designing and Publishing Practical Question

HTML Question

  1. Create an HTML file (e.g. first_page.html) that specifies a page that contains heading and two paragraphs of text.
  2. Create a web link top open in new window, same window , open image and image with link to another image link.
  3. Write a HTML code for creating a table with 9 columns and "n" rows. To show following data.
  4. Write a HTML code to divide browser window into two horizontal sections and play different videos in each section.
  5. Create a webpage for Class VI for 5 working days and including a lunch break. Using rowsapn and colspan.
  6. Create a form using fieldset, legend, and cellpadding in table to fill application form.
  7. Write an HTML code for creating the following output on the browser: - Types of Memory

CSS Question

  1. Design a simple web page with different type of Border Style and paragraph written inside the using CSS ?
  2. Create an external style sheet “style.css” with the following specifications for the various HTML ?
  3. Design Drop Down Navigation Menu with following specification: -

JS (JavaScript) Question

  1. Create an HTML form that accepts two numbers from the user. Write a program to sum and multiply of two numbers using JavaScript.
  2. Write an HTML code and use Javscript to multiply and divide these number.
  3. Write a program in Java Script to print factorial of the number on a web page.
  4. Write a program to print Fibonacci series input by user.

Angular Question

  1. Write a program to find out Simple Interest in Angular JS.
  2. Write a program to change background color which is entered by user.